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End of Life Services 

Saying goodbye to your pet is a difficult thing to do. We want to be here to help you make this process as gentle and clear as it can be. If you have additional questions about the cremation process, please call or email our clinic. 

Commonwealth Veterinary Clinic offers on-site pet cremations for our clients as well as non-clients. The cremation process is operated directly by Dr. Nice and his professionally trained staff. We have made it our responsibility to treat your pet with the care and dignity that they deserve.

Individual Cremation

When you select individual cremation, we guarantee that we will return only your pet's cremains (ashes) back to you. Cremains are returned back to you in a sealed cedar urn. Additional services such as an engraved name plate and clay paw prints are also available.

Communal Cremation

 If you do not wish to have your pet's cremains returned back to you, then we offer communial cremation. Your pet will still be treated with care and dignity during this process. For those owners that choose this option for their pet, a small group of pets will be cremated together. Their cremains are then scattered on the pasture of a local farm.

Individual Cremation
Communal Crematon
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